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Brynleigh’s dedication to high quality manufacturing has particular benefits for those customers who receive their assemblies untested. But where customers do require test we have a wide range of options available that can be tailored to our customers specific needs. These include:

  • Manually testing boards from your test specifications - we have qualified engineers and a range of test equipment to support this.
  • Customer supplied test sets – manned by our fully trained engineers and backed up with our own test equipment.
  • Comprehensive testing using our Aeroflex 5830 Multi-Functional Test System - this computer-controlled tester fully integrates Aeroflex’s dedicated 6U instrument cards and 3U PXI instrument modules in a single system. The advantage to our customers is that for the cost of one set of tooling they can select from, or have a combination of, analogue in-circuit (MDA), analogue functional, digital functional and boundary scan testing.

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Our flexible test system can offer customers exactly what they need – giving complete confidence that their specific test requirements can be met.
Richard Apthorp, Technical Director

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