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Our materials control, management software and machine interfaces have reduced set-up times to a point where it has become cost effective to use our main production line for prototypes. This gives exceptionally fast turnaround, with full production-line quality.

Contract review. In addition to the standard review, our software looks at job data in depth to ensure smooth progress through our system. We can also modify data to optimise it for our processes.

Procurement. Brynleigh Technology procures components worldwide, for batch runs, military boards, and prototypes. Being an acknowledged specialist has enabled us to develop a highly efficient and cost-effective supply chain.

Goods Inwards and Kitting. These activities are automated with powerful search facilities to ensure we have the correct components kitted. Once identified bar-coded GRN and kit labels are fitted to the materials for traceability. Kit status is shown graphically for instant evaluation of status, enabling us to keep our customers fully informed. Reports on free issue quantities are fed back if required.

Materials Traceability. For added customers assurance we can trace, on screen, component delivery documents from circuit references or show all the boards and circuit references for a particular batch of components.

SMT Production: At the heart of our line is a Europlacer Finesse 2. Unlike compact placers this turret machine will run near optimum speed without feeders having to be placed in a precise order on the bed. Feeders are not rearranged between jobs, enabling very fast changeovers between jobs, without sacrificing speed. The Europlacer has all the component handling features you would expect from the latest generation placer.

Through-hole production: Fast, efficient and flexible soldering of leaded components is achieved using a Jade selective soldering machine. The Jade is particularly effective at producing repeatable joints on high-density double-sided assemblies where wave soldering cannot be used.

Automated Cleaning Solution: We process all our assemblies with no-clean fluxes so that they can be shipped no clean. Should cleaning be required we have a co-solvent cleaner with automatic handling that removes no clean flux residue, together with other ionic contaminants.

Cleanliness testing: We have an Ionograph to certify surface cleanliness if required.

Inspection: Our Cyberobotics Flex HR uses statistical appearance modeling to detect significant variations in the appearance of a component compared to pre-programmed good examples.

RoHS compliance: We build assemblies, RoHS compliant or tin-lead, depending on our customers’ requirements. Full traceability of materials ensures the correct materials are used for either requirement.

Staff training: Our assembly personnel are trained to IPC standards for standard assembly, RoHS compliant assembly and rework.

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