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Aeroflex 5830 - Multi-Strategy Test System

The Aeroflex Multi-Functional Test System – 5830 is a multi-configuration multi-functional test system with an open approach to both hardware and software. The open software architecture enables integration with code written using third party software such as Teststand™, Labview™, C#™ and VB.NET™, any platform that is .NET compliant. The open hardware architecture allows configurable chassis and interface styles to accommodate low cost analogue in-circuit testing, through to high integrity analogue and digital functional test solutions. The integrated 21-slot PXI based backplane enables the use of cards from any PXI card supplier.

The Aeroflex 5830 fully integrates Aeroflex’s dedicated 6U instrument cards set and 3U PXI instrument modules in a single system. The advantage to our customer is that for the cost of one set of tooling they can have analogue in-circuit (MDA), analogue functional, digital functional and boundary scan testing to suit their requirements. We have a selection of cards that should meet most test requirements, adding from the wide selection of Aeroflex and PXI cards that are readily available can easily expand functionality.

We have the following test interfaces:

  • A connector interface that enables the UUT to be connected using a custom wiring loom. This is more cost effective then a bed of nails interface but it is only suitable for functional test. The number of connector pins on the board limit the tests.
  • Bed of nails cassette fixture. The cassette holds ‘bed of nails’ plates so that a complete fixture is not required for each board. This reduces tooling costs compared with a custom fixture that includes the housing.
  • Custom fixture. Full custom fixtures dedicated to your board can be used. These are a little more expensive than using the cassette system but they are more robust and can include additional features.

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