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Thermaflow: The sensor is a robust device with a flat plate that detects heat flow as low as 1 watt per square meter. In use it is held against any surface e.g. a wall, radiator, machine or a person, where it will measure the heat transmitted from or absorbed into the surface. A wide variety of objects can be measured including machines, entire buildings and even people. Combined with a data logger and temperature sensors, Thermaflow can be used to measure thermal transmittance, "U" Value, of building structures. Thermaflow is also available from Data Harvest at www.dataharvest.com who supply it as part of their educational equipment.

Specification for Thermaflow Sensor

Supply voltage min 4.75 Volts rail to rail. Supply voltage max 16 Volts rail to rail. Supply current 1mA.
Reference Voltage Approximately half rail, supplied externally. Output drive 2mA.
Output voltage 1mV per Watt/sq meter (Low gain black sensor).
Output voltage 4mV per Watt/sq meter (High gain red sensor).

Thermal conductance 200 Watts/sq meter per deg C.
Thermal resistance 0.005 deg C per Watt per square meter. Environmental:
Resistant to mild solvents and humidity
Temp range -25 deg C to +85 deg C.

Supply positive Red wire +2.4V to 8V
Supply negative Blue wire -2.4V to -8V
Reference Green wire 0V
Output Yellow wire Outputs 0V+1mV at zero heat flow Negative for heat flowing top to bottom Positive for heat flowing bottom to top.

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