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    Home - circuit board assembly prototyping test CEM contract electronic manufacturer Essex Brynleigh Technology
  • Manufacturing
    Manufacturing - Brynleigh circuit board assembly New Product Introduction NPI prototype software IPC A-610
    • Production
      Production - Essex Brynleigh Technology technical capabilities East Anglia Europlacer prototyping assembly
    • Processes
      Processes - Batch runs, military boards, and prototypes Brynleigh ROHS compliant assembly and rework
  • Test
    Testing - Aeroflex 5830 Multi-Functional Test System analogue digital boundary scan testing Brynleigh
    • Test System
      Test System - In-circuit MDA analogue digital and boundary scan testing Aeroflex 5830 Multi-Functional Test
  • Operations
    Operations - Brynleigh IPC-A-610 class 3 High Performance Electronic Product standards Maldon Essex
  • Innovation
    Innovation - Advanced unique management system Brynleigh Thermaflow Maurice Apthorp specialised sensor Essex
    • Thermaflow
      Thermaflow - Maurice Apthorp specialised sensor Essex Brynleigh Technology thermal transmittance, "U" Value heat flow
  • Brynleigh
    Brynleigh Technology - assembly service SMT boards volume assembler technical developments Brynleigh East Anglia
  • Extranet
    Extranet - The Extranet can be used by our customers for the following; Look up job information, Advise delivery of Free Issue Stock, Search Free Issue Stock, Search Brynleigh Stock, Search Purchase Orders and upload or download data easily and securely.
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    Contact - Brynleigh Technology Ltd. Heybridge House Maldon Essex CM9 4XL - 01621 878 320
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