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Production - Technical Capabilities

Flexible Manufacture: A fully integrated, and uniquely flexible production line which responds to changeable needs. It is particularly good at assembling batches where there are several versions of the same board in one build.

Component Packaging: The Europlacer is integrated with our prototyping stations so we can continue assembly even when some components are not packaged in tape, stick or tray.

Speed: Assembly speeds up 13,500 components per hour, with full vision positioning. The Europlacer runs at near optimum speed, without the need to arrange the feeders in specific positions. This enables fast set-ups without compromising on speed.

Assembly capabilities: Machine placement of SMT components down to 0201, and up to 50mm square, BGA, uBGA, fine pitch QFP. Optical detection will find missing ball, bent legs and damaged components. Tape, stick and tray feeders are available.

Reflow: Accurate reflow profiles are required for reliable assembly, particularly with lead free processing. Our BTU VIP70 achieves this with 100% forced air convection providing exceptionally even temperatures across the boards. Heavily loaded and metal backed microwave boards are processed with ease.

Inspection capabilities: 0201 and 0.3mm lead pitch, j-lead, gull-wing, BGA, through-hole, off-form, clips, connectors, header pins, missing, polarity, tombstone, billboard, flipped, wrong part, gross body and lead damage, solder bridge, opens, lifted leads, wettability, excess and insufficient solder, debris, gold-finger contamination, pin-in-hole, bent pins and others.

Size: Our production line is capable of running boards up to 500x460mm. To panelize your boards in the most efficient way we can provide drawings on request.

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